JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. - A bill proposed by a Missouri lawmaker that would allow Christian groups to discriminate on the basis of sexual orientation on college campuses is being heard today in the Missouri Capitol by the Senate Judiciary Committee.
Rep. Elijah Haahr’s HB 104 would allow student organizations with "sincerely held religious beliefs" to discriminate in membership of the group without penalty from the associated university:
No public institution of higher learning shall take any action or enforce any policy that denies a religious student association any benefit available to any other student association, or discriminate against a religious student association with respect to such benefit, based on that association’s requirement that its leaders or members adhere to the association’s sincerely held religious beliefs, comply with the association’s sincere religious observance requirements, comply with the association’s sincere religious standards of conduct, or be committed to furthering the association’s religious missions as such beliefs, requirements, standards, or missions are defined by the association or religion upon which the association is based.
HB 104 is the furthest along of the eight LGBT discriminatory bills introduced in the Missouri General Assembly this session. The Missouri House approved Haahr's measure last month.
“Even after the backlash of Indiana's discrimination bill, we have to convince Missouri Legislators that discrimination is wrong for Missouri,” said Kyle Piccola, Senior Field Organizer for PROMO, Missouri's statewide LGBT advocacy organization.

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