American Idol's David Hernandez brings his uber hot set to the PrideFest Bud Light Entertainment Stage at 5:15 p.m. on Sunday, June 28. The sexy Season 7 finalist is no stranger to pride stages across the country and is preparing to drop his (yet to be named) new album later this year. Indeed, the popular singer/songwriter with his unique style and crisp, soul strewn vocals promises a high energy experience celebrating equality.

What do you have in store for PrideFest audiences this summer?

I'm going to bring high energy fun to the stage! I want everyone to feel like they are watching an awesome concert that uplifts and helps them let go of anything negative this past year has brought. Also to celebrate how far the world has come in this fight for equality!!

You started singing at an early age - who has shaped you as an artist the most?DavidH

My mom has a pretty awesome taste in music that spans many genres so I have to say that she has influenced me the most. I also learned to write poetry from her which eventually turned into songwriting. I learned to appreciate the value of expressing yourself lyrically and vocally.

What's your favorite song to sing right now and why?

My favorite song to sing is India Arie's "Ready for Love" for as long as I can remember. The message in that song is crazy emotional. "I am ready for love, why are you hiding from me?" So deep.

Tell us about your first PrideFest/LGBT Pride experience?

I've done quite a few experiences in various cities. Never the same city twice so I have to say each experience feels like a new one for me. The people are different wherever I go but I will say the overall feel is happy and energetic.

Most readers were introduced to you via American Idol Season 7 - what was the biggest advantage and disadvantage in being on the reality show?

Biggest advantage was getting to show the world my talent and hopefully changing some lives. Music has that ability. The biggest disadvantage was people judging me at face value and not being able to get to know me as David the person, not just the entertainer. I guess that's the nature of the beast though.

You experienced some turmoil in the tabloids that year; I've read where you thought the "gay thing" worked against you. What was that experience like and do you think things have improved for out LGBT reality stars?

I don't recall making that statement. If I did, I think what I meant at that time was that the world wasn't quite as accepting of "difference." Things have obviously changed but the story that erupted was not even accurate and quite often the media outlets speculated about my sexuality. I think things tremendously improved. That makes me very happy. I encourage my fans to Tweet me and/or Facebook me if they ever want to know more about me.

You got to sing at the Inaugural Kick-Off Celebration ball for President Barack Obama. Are you politically oriented?

That was an incredible experience. Opening for John Legend and Maroon 5 was surreal. I am not extremely politically oriented. However, I am a huge Obama supporter so I was honored when asked by Declare Yourself to perform at the celebration.

What are your thoughts on what's been going on with LGBT rights in way of Marriage Equality and the slew of anti-LGBT legislation across the country?

I think it's sad that some people don't feel like we are all BORN with equal rights. It's insane to me how it's justified. I am just glad the world is making positive strides for future generations and also that I can see some of that in my lifetime.PrideLogo2015

David Archuleta from your season of AI recently got into some hot water for a perceived anti-gay Tweet. Any comment?

I read that tweet and saw quickly that it was taken out of context. The flip side and error in this fight for equality is that we tend to make enemies out of people that either have no opinion or may actually support it. The tweet was just David speaking on his idea of love and marriage using the words that came to him naturally. I'm sure if he were raised in a gay household, he would have said "between a man and a man" or "a woman and a woman." I don't think there was any ill intent in that tweet and knowing Archuleta personally, he's a kind young man who wants the best for everyone.

What's next for David Hernandez? Anything new you can share with us.

My new album drops this summer. It's produced by Printz Board of the Black Eyed Peas, Alex Teamer, and myself. I've been working incredibly hard on the album over the past two years while touring my previous album. It's truly been a labor of love. While it's definitely energetic and club ready, there are also songs on it that I call the "heart and soul" of the album. It has yet to be titled but look out for the single to drop in May!

You'll be performing at St. Louis PrideFest - what does PRIDE mean to David Hernandez?

Pride to me is being who you are without apology while accepting other people's differences in return. Life is too short for hatred and negativity. The world needs to take a deep breath and just live!! Be proud of how far we have come and work hard and what more we can achieve.




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