Simmering sexuality and an irresistible dance pulse will be the running themes when Brooklyn based Hank & Cupcakes take the PrideFest Bud Light Entertainment Stage on Sunday, June 28 for their 2:45 p.m. set. Hailing from Tel Aviv, Israel and Melbourne, Australia, respectively, the duo credits their unique name to the notorious Charles ‘Hank’ Bukowski and one of his lovers ‘Cupcakes' and their sound - a coalescence of rock without guitars and pop without synthesizers.

What do you have in store for PrideFest audiences this summer?

We have a brand new show with songs fresh off our new record "Ca$h 4 Gold" and we have insane amounts of energy which we can't wait to share with you all!

How does performing at pride celebrations compare to other gigs?

The most obvious difference is that that the show is part of a movement advocating change. We're big supporters of gay rights and are repulsed by political forces trying to discriminate and diminish these rights. We are PROUD to be part of LGBT PrideFest! Also, obviously everyone's better dressed.

How would you describe your sound?

We are a duo consisting of only bass and drums so even though our songs are poppy and dancy and sometimes punky and rocky, the live show takes on a raw edgy and unique twist.

Who are some of your musical influences?

At the moment: Die Antwoord, Yeah Yeah Yeah's, The Gossip, Beasty Boys, Howard Stern.

What's your favorite song to perform right now and why?

Our current favorite is "Relax" from our new record "Ca$h 4 Gold." It's a song which allows us to go crazy while we play it which is what we like best. Other than that, one of our all time favorites is "Ain't No Love."

How did the creating of "Ca$h 4 Gold" compare to previous efforts?

"Ca$h 4 Gold" is our first independently recorded and produced record. We started working on it after terminating a record deal we were signed to. It took us a whole year to reinvent ourselves after that experience and learn how to record, mix, make videos, graphics etc and the result is "Ca$h 4 Gold."

What's your first PrideFest/LGBT Pride memory?

Originally and my first memories are of the constant battles between the community trying to make gay pride a reality in Jerusalem and of the relentless attempts of political and religious bodies to prevent them. -Hank

When did you first become aware of LGBT issues?

I can't point a specific moment in time but I think that it really hit me when we moved to the U.S. I think that it's because, for example, the issue of same-sex marriage In Israel is almost not discussed. The religious and conservative parties have such a strong power and influence, that topics like marriage equality are not even considered. As a matter of fact, there isn't even a legal way to get married secularly and people that are interested in getting married in a non-religious manner need to do so in a different country. In the U.S., however, there is bigger openness and diversity of opinions and some states are more enlightened than others and allow same-sex marriage which brings the dialog to the public and creates awareness and discussion.

Hank is from Israel; Cupcakes, Australia - I'm interested as allies of the LGBT community how you view the current fight for LGBT rights/marriage equality here in the U.S.?

The dark side in me sees the ignorance and brutality of the people fighting against these causes as in the case of the repulsive Indiana "religious freedom" bill and wonders if they would ever be able to understand and accept others. A more enlightened side of me sees the past and all the changes that have been made in this remarkable country and hopes that it's going to a better future.

What's next for Hank & Cupcakes - anything new you can share with us?

We've just released the new record "Ca$h 4 Gold" and intend on touring with it for the rest of 2015. We're playing a bunch of festivals and gay pride events and will play all over the continent non-stop for the next 6 months!

Other than that, a new music video is cooking for our song "Spin" and "Ca$h 4 Gold" is now available on vinyl on our website and at shows!

You'll be headlining St. Louis PrideFest this year. What does PRIDE mean to Hank & Cupcakes?

For us pride is to know who we are and not be afraid to show it... to believe in ourselves and our journey even when others don't, and to love ourselves even when we don't feel it.





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