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St. Louis indie/pop band Bella & Lily take the PrideFest Bud Light Entertainment Stage at 5 p.m. on Saturday, June 27 promising an array of new pop songs. The real life sisters and band mates who grew up in an artistic, musically oriented family took the music scene by storm with their 2013 debut album "Count to Ten."
What do you have in store for PrideFest audiences this summer?
We are so excited to perform again this year at PrideFest— last year’s crowd had such positive energy and made it a really fun experience for us. We definitely plan on playing a bunch of new songs that last year’s crowd didn’t hear, and now— this year— we will be playing on the main stage! It was so much fun. We really had a positive experience playing there last year mostly because of the crowd but also for the cause.
Talk about your first LGBT pride experience?
Last year was our first time attending, and now we can’t wait to come back and experience it again. What stuck out the most for us was the positive energy that radiated throughout that whole day. Everyone there looked so enthusiastic and proud.
You're sisters collaborating and performing together. How does that impact your music; does sibling rivalry ever rear its head (most of us have been there lol)?
We get this question asked a lot, and most people don’t believe how much we get along! Honestly, the music has brought us closer, and we are best friends. Of course, all siblings have their differences. We are seriously completely different people, but that’s what makes our music so unlike anything that’s out there in the music scene right now. Our writing styles are a reflection of who we are individually, but when we put them together it just works!

How would you describe your sound; how did it come to be?
First of all, our parents have really good taste in music and made sure we grew up listening to great musicians. We have always loved The Beatles, Ben Folds, Fiona Apple, Death Cab, Amy Winehouse, Duffy, Nelly Furtado, John Mayer, Nelly, Moby, Beyonce…more recently we have been really into The Weekend, Lily Allen, Wild Belle… more on the urban side. Our music is SO many things but to sum it up we just call it indie-pop-rock! Our newer songs have more reggae, soul, and pop in it, but we still stick to our roots.

As St. Louis natives how would you describe the music scene here; particularly for newer acts wanting to make their mark - a name for themselves?
St. Louis is such a welcoming community and we have been so fortunate to start our music career in such a supportive town. Lots of wonderful musicians come out of St. Louis; we met our band members here and they are truly an amazing group of musicians!! You can find musicians all around St. Louis, even non-musicians have really good taste in music here which is always a plus!
What's your favorite song to perform right now and why?
I really like to perform a song Bella wrote called “Sleaze”, mostly because it’s just so *Bella* and is super sassy with a great message! Who doesn’t love that?? I also love to play this song “Loser” I/we wrote down in Nashville with songwriter/producer Jamie Kenney. It always get’s the crowd going! –Lily
I am liking "A Walk in New York" which was written in New York when we were working with Henry [Hirsch]. Every time we perform it, it brings me back to that time of sitting in a beautiful city park that I liked to write in, the place where was song was born.  –Bella
Do you have any pre-performance rituals that are must do's?
Yes, but it is too embarrassing to share!! It is mostly just to get us in sync with each other and aware of how we each talk and sing. Super embarrassing. Trust us.
You've had some great reviews for "Count to Ten" - what did you learn about yourselves in creating the album?
We learned so much in just the two weeks of recording in New York!! Our amazing producer, Henry Hirsch, taught us how *not* to rely on technology to fix our vocals when recording. The only person to have the power to do that is yourself and not the computer. Lots of musicians use the computer to correct and alter the sound of their voice, which is fine, but you can’t learn from your mistakes if you don’t recognize them, right?? We found this so useful for recording, but it also helped with our live performing, as well. You also can’t nail your performance live if you can’t sing in pitch.
When did you first become aware of LGBT issues? Have you been following what's been going on in the fight for marriage equality and the anti-LGBT legislation being introduced? Thoughts?
We have many LGBT friends and family. The issue has always been important to us. It would be ideal to live in a world where love is equal and love is free. That would be a beautiful thing. We will do anything and everything to see that it happens.
What's next for Bella & Lily - anything new you can share with us?
Lots of exciting things coming up! Some of them are top secret…but lots of new material is being worked on. We hope to release some new tunes in the next six months or so... Super excited to share with everyone.
You'll be headlining St. Louis PrideFest this year. What does PRIDE mean to Bella & Lily?
PrideFest is just one day out of the year that celebrates you being you. Be proud of who you are everyday and show the world how powerful that can be!!




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