The Q Collective Announces Cast of 'Transluminate' 2020


ST. LOUIS, Mo. - The Q Collective announced, on Wednesday, the cast of the 2nd Transluminate Arts Festival taking place February 27-29 at 7:30 p.m. and February 29 – March 1 at 4:00 p.m. at The Chapel, 6238 Alexander Dr (63105).

Transluminate is a short-play festival and celebration of transgender, agender, non-binary, genderqueer, and genderfluid artists. The Thursday night performance is pay what you can. All other performances are $20 in advance and $25 at the door. Tickets are now available through


by Charlie Meyers
In a short monologue, John reflects on a recent loss, while affirming his masculine self.

John - Charlie Meyers

by Charlie Meyers
Andy helps his husband Jack administer his first testosterone shot. They talk about their love, their marriage, and the oddities of being "testosterone people."

Jack - Kasey Kopp
Andy - Benji Hunt

by Zach Barryte and Rachel Bowens-Rubin
A human wants to transform into another species and must decide which kind to choose. They visit different worlds to try their selections with the help of a spaceship.

Sid - Kasey Kopp
Ship - Helen Pancella
Moon Wolf, Bacteria, Water Maker, and Pack Members 1, 2, and 3 - Stasia Kroeger, Ronnie Brake, Benji Hunt

by Peter Dakutis
Joe, a transgender man, and Shawna, a transgender woman, are married, and Joe is carrying their child. Joe’s Aunt Tammy has recently died, and Joe was expected to be her sole heir. Tammy’s executor, Virginia, tells Joe and Shawna about a codicil Tammy added to her will, which may prevent Joe from inheriting the estate. It turns out that Joe’s transphobic mother, Loretta, and her church pressured Tammy into creating the codicil. Thanks to Shawna’s shrewd thinking, the codicil goes through its own transition, and Joe and Shawna stand up to the bullying.

Joe - Julian Rodriguez
Shawna - Naé
Virginia - Kasey Kopp
Loretta - Helen Pancella

by Rachael Carnes

In WABI SABI, two teens who used to dance together reconnect in the High School library, exploring their identities and relationship to each other, their past and futures.

Mike - Julian Rodriguez
Laurel - Stasia Kroeger

Sean Michael and Charlie Meyers will direct.

Content Warning: Plays may contain adult language and frank sexual situations.