MTUG to Streamline Services; Restructure Organization

ST. LOUIS, Mo. - In response to the overwhelming needs of the transgender and gender nonconforming community in St. Louis, the Metro Trans Umbrella Group (MTUG) has decided to devote the next six months investing in professional development and capacity building for our board so that we can effectively address these needs.

During this time we will continue to offer our core services including our five support groups, QTPOC (Queer Trans People of Color), Fem spec, Expression Spectrum, QT Ability, and The Locker Room; our transgender education series, including Trans 101 classes; and the nation’s first Transgender Memorial Garden.

Beginning in 2017, we will expand our services with a stronger group prepared to take on the evolving needs of the transgender and gender nonconforming community.

Our mission continues to be to bring together the community of trans, gender queer, androgynous, intersex & our allies in the St. Louis metro area through community, visibility, advocacy and education. We cannot wait to get started.

For further information please contact: info "at"