Mark My Words | Trump Has Blood On His Hands

If I was a national political pundit, this week would be a bonanza for comment. What about Trump de’dumbly (trademark) telling America that he’s bringing our troops home, while at the same time sending 3,000 of our service members to his good friends in Saudi Arabia. And what about him allowing Russia to partner with Turkey to take control in Syria and telling our troops to move out fast.

But hey, I’m a writer who writes on issues that are of importance to the LGBT community. How can I possibly connect that to what Trump is doing?

Here’s how.

President Trump (Trump de’ dumbly), how about telling your good friend in Saudi Arabia that he doesn’t get any troops until he agrees not to kill any more LGBT people. And while we’re on it, didn’t you claim to be doing that already? At least your ambassador to Germany stated so and even had a conference on it. ... Guess that was just for show. This writer doesn’t buy it. You gave Saudia Arabia troops and weapons, and they have beheaded LGBT people and have blood on their hands.

Trump, you not only have the blood of the Kurds on your hands, you also have the blood of LGBT people on your hands.