Mark My Words | Real Political Power and You

Have you ever thought about combining politics and a hobby with community service, and at the same time being a cog in the wheel that could bring us all equality? Well, here’s how you can do just that.

The LGBT community needs to take a page from the religious right-wing. I know that might frighten you, but give credit where it belongs. If they have a good playbook, let’s use it to our advantage.


Many years ago the right-wing came up with an idea to amass power. They’d start small. Ask their supporters to run for small or minor offices like school boards and to be committee people. The key was not to identify their real religious roots and right-wing leanings so as not to frighten off the voters.

Point here is that for many of you who are not bursting out of the closet, this is a perfect way to be involved and create change. Many of these small positions only take a few people in a neighborhood signing a ballot for the position. Just knocking on your neighbors’ doors could get you a position that many others are not interested in, and then you have a seat at the table.

The Victory Fund has been doing an incredible job of supporting OUT candidates in major offices from state representatives and governors to U.S. senators. But they could use some help from grassroots efforts. It doesn’t matter if you’re a Republican or Democrat, get involved in the simplest form and become a part of the march for equality.