Mark My Words | Jeff Bezos: Creep of the Week

You know of this man: He’s the founder and owner of Amazon.

And you probably know of “Creep of the Week,” the syndicated column in PGN and other LGBTQ newspapers around the nation.

I believe Jeff Bezos should be its honoree.

Why is he a creep? He allows his company to sell items that torture LGBTQ children.


I’m talking about books that teach or otherwise espouse the practice of “conversion therapy” — highly controversial methods intended to “cure” youth from homosexuality.

Those endeavoring to “convert” young subjects employ techniques like prayer, literally starving them, locking them up and/or meting out corporal punishment. The methods all comprise a modern-day aversion therapy.

That is torture, and Bezos peddles it.

Conversion therapy also has been banned in 14 states and by the American Psychiatric Association, yet Bezos continues to allow books on the subject to be sold on his platform.

Many in our community are demanding that he end this practice. Here’s a simple suggestion for those amazing activists who’ve been on the front lines of this issue: Set a deadline for Bezos’ compliance and create a committee of activists with knowledge of these books to assist Amazon in weeding out these torture manuals.

If Amazon doesn’t comply, demand that the Human Rights Campaign revoke the award it gave Bezos and refuse any additional donations from Amazon to pro-LGBTQ causes.