Interview: On the Kattwalk with Tabbi Katt and Deva Station

The 45th annual Miss Gay Missouri America pageant unfolds April 5, 6 & 7th at the new permanent home of the Mr. & Miss Gay America Pageant systems, Hamburger Mary's St. Louis. Some 20 contestants have qualified to compete via preliminary competitions held across the state to capture the storied crown. They will join over 15 formers throughout the weekend to showcase the finest in female illusion Missouri has to offer.

Contestants will battle it out in the categories of male interview, presentation, evening gown, on-stage question, and talent - the latter often featuring intricate choreography, back up dancers, and sets.

The weekend will honor Miss Gay Missouri 2017, Tabbi Katt, and feature the reigning Miss Gay America, Deva Station. Tabbi recently chatted with Deva about MGA, the upcoming weekend, and much more. Enjoy!

Tabbi Katt: Obviously your experience as Miss Gay America 2018 is something I'd like to discuss, but to get things started, why don't you tell me a little bit about yourself away from pageantry. Can you fill us in on Deva's "origin story"? How'd you get involved in this crazy, yet amazing, life?

Deva Station: Deva actually came about during a very tough time in my life and I really needed an escape. The actual name Deva Station is how I was feeling at that point, I wanted to take back the power of that word. The irony is that dressing as a woman to play Deva, kind of helped me realize the man I could actually be.

TK: When I think of Miss Gay America, the first things that comes to mind are the beautiful crown, glamorous evening gowns, and loads of makeup. Looking at you today, however, I'm seeing a lot more "dapper" and "debonair". Tell me more about your life away from the stage.

DS: I keep my boy life and the character life of Deva Station very separate; I think it’s important to have your own private time to resort to. I work full time and am happily partnered for seven years now, keeping the balance has been an instrumental part of my success. I equally enjoy my stage time and my down time.

TK: There are a lot of competition opportunities available, and although you didn’t win Miss Gay America on your first couple of attempts, you didn’t stray from the system. What was it about MGA that made you feel so committed?

DS: I’m a very competitive person and not one to give up easily. Most of the contestants I met my first year at MGA had those same qualities and I connected to that.

TK: With MGA under new ownership, we've seen quite a few changes begin to take place. In fact, we've even heard the tagline "Evolution of a New Era". What would you say to someone who felt that MGA was shifting in a new direction completely?

DS: Through my seven years with the system I’ve seen change and growth both in the system and in myself. MGA will always uphold its rules, regulations, values, and history; but just like any business must still evolve to continue growing and flourishing into the future.

TK: Being MGA has to present you with a lot of outstanding opportunities and exciting experiences, what are you most looking forward to this year?

DS: I’m most excited about traveling the U.S. and meeting contestants... hopefully inspiring and being inspired in the process. We forget how much raw talent and vision there is in our world.

TK: I was extremely honored to be named the 44th Miss Gay Missouri America. With such a long state history, I'm curious to know what you might have heard about us. Have any previous Miss Gay Americas told you a story that you'd like to share?

DS: I have heard that Miss Missouri has an incredibly tight and strong sisterhood - very much looking forward to seeing that in person. I have long standing friendships with many, so it will be an honor to take part.

TK: What's your personal platform as Miss Gay America?

DS: My personal platform for MGA 2018 is Camp Sunrise. This is a camp for kids infected with or affected by HIV/AIDS. This organization is life changing for many. I’ve set a goal for $25,000 and hope to present that to Camp Sunrise next October in St. Louis.

The 2018 Miss Gay Missouri America Pageant will be held at Hamburger Mary's St. Louis with prelim night competition taking place on Thursday, April 5th and Friday, April 6th ($15 at door). A revue show of former title holders will also be held on Friday. Final night competition will be held on Saturday, April 7th ($25 at door). Doors will open at 6pm with a 7 pm curtain on all nights. For more info check out

Photography via Miss Gay America