The last time I visited San Diego, I was about 7 years old and I remember frolicking around Sea World looking on in awe of the wildlife, especially the orca whales. Fast forward 30 years, yes, I just revealed my true age, I returned to the city with an eagerness and excitement that I haven’t felt in a while.


CHICAGO, Ill. - The Illinois Office of Tourism's larger-than-life art installation celebrating their "Amazing for All" LGBTQ and diversity initiative was unveiled on the first day of Northalsted Market Days, Aug. 11, just south of the Addison gate in Boystown.




Throughout my career as a travel journalist thus far, I have been to Texas about a dozen times for both work and pleasure. However, the one city I never visited until recently was Houston. I quickly noticed that each Texas metropolis has its own flavor. Houston is no different. I was surprised how much I enjoyed the city, which is home to a great mix of art, music and LGBT culture.


Philadelphia, the United States’ birthplace, is proud of the roles it has played—and plays still—in the founding, furtherance and celebration of the LGBTQ civil rights movement. The City of Brotherly Love and Sisterly Affection has an easy to explore trail of LGBTQ historic sites and markers among vibrant neighborhoods where queer life thrives.


I live in the Midwest, so there is a multitude of destinations that are close enough for an expanded weekend within about the same time: flights to New York, Florida or New Orleans are roughly about the same as a drive to Memphis or Chicago. While all of those spots have their own unique charms, the absolute best long weekend given time and location is Sin City: Las Vegas.

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