Mayor Pete Buttigieg Is First Openly LGBTQ Democratic Presidential Candidate in U.S. History


WASHINGTON, D.C. – Mayor Pete Buttigieg officially launched his presidential candidacy before a crowd of thousands in his hometown city of South Bend, Indiana on Sunday. The announcement makes Mayor Buttigieg the first openly LGBTQ Democratic presidential candidate in U.S. history – a milestone in American politics and for an LGBTQ community increasingly able to win high-level elected office.


Lori Lightfoot won in Chicago, Satya Rhodes-Conway won in Madison, and Jolie Justus placed in her primary and will advance to the general


Lesbian mayoral candidates won big victories, on Tuesday, in Chicago, Kansas City and Madison – raising the possibility that the number of lesbian mayors elected to major American cities could triple in 2019. 


Lori Lightfoot of Chicago would become the highest-ranking LGBTQ mayor in US history


Washington, DC – Four lesbian mayoral candidates in top 100 cities are well-positioned to win their races and make LGBTQ history this year – all of them facing a run-off or critical primary election in April. Victories for all four would triple the number of out lesbians ever elected mayor of a top 100 city – from two to six. It would also nearly double the number of LGBTQ people to have ever been elected mayor of a top 100 city – from six to ten. Victory Fund is investing heavily in its lesbian mayoral candidates this election cycle in an effort to make 2019 the Year of the Lesbian Mayor.


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