ST. LOUIS - A fundraising brunch was held in support of gubernatorial hopeful and Missouri Attorney General Chris Koster at the home of Frank Siano and Mike Tucker on June 14.


Saturday’s event was the fourth time the couple has hosted a Democratic candidate for Missouri governor at their St. Louis home for LGBT supporters. Previous fundraisers were held for Governors’ Mel Carnahan, Bob Holden and the current Chief Executive, Jay Nixon.


“Mel Carnahan was the first, Mel was scared,” recalled Siano, a former board member of the Gay and Lesbian Victory Fund. “He had never been in front of a gay crowd before. He thought we were only going to talk about gay issues, but then he found out that we were really concerned about a lot of things – education, the economy.”


Koster spent time posing for pictures and visiting with the gathering of around 20 supporters before offering remarks. He reminded the group that he has served in state government for two decades – 10 years as Cass County prosecuting attorney, four years in the state Senate, and for the past six years, as Missouri’s Lieutenant Governor.


“I really believe that my resume is as qualified as any in state government to aspire to the Chief Executive role in 2016,” said Koster. “No matter what people label themselves politically – conservative, progressive, liberal – the pendulum is swinging towards a desire to talk about bigger issues in this state.”


Koster cited health care, education, the economy and equality as examples he’s heard from voters across Missouri.


“No matter where I am – rural area, urban area – people are moving quickly, I think, towards an acceptance and an embrace of diversity not just for our cultural well being but our economic well being,” said Koster.


“Diversity is where our economic future lies,” Koster continued. “Whether it is members of the LGBT community or whether it is cultural diversity with the Hispanic or Bosnian communities or others, state government as a whole is accepting and embracing and I think increasingly desirous of political leaders to talk about these issues explicitly and to change the course that this state has been on.”


Koster pledged more diversity in appointments to boards and commissions, appointments to high office and passage of the Missouri Nondiscrimination Act or MONA.


“I believe we are going to probably see the marriage issue fully addressed in the state of Missouri within the next six to 18 months,” Koster concluded. “Then after that, my hope is the political climate in Jefferson City says that MONA is the next step that needs to occur and I will be out in the forefront making sure that that happens.”


Hosts for the Koster fundraiser were: State Rep. Mike Colona, Terry Crow & Tom Peters, Ken Haller, Amie Needham & JacquLyn Nolan, Frank Siano & Mike Tucker, Keith Price, Mark Utterback and Bill Donius.




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