KANSAS CITY, Mo. - A transgender woman died in the early hours on Saturday morning after repeatedly being run over near a Kansas City church parking lot, KCTV reports.

Police reports indicate that Tamara Dominguez was killed in what may have been a hate crime. Authorities say it's too early to say for sure, but confirm Dominguez was killed in a savage early morning car attack.

"We are saddened and heartsick by the news of Tamara Dominguez, Kansas City, being murdered. We will have more details for you on this tragedy tomorrow," said PROMO, Missouri's statewide LGBT advocacy organization, via Facebook.


"This is a horrible, disgusting tragedy," the Kansas City Anti-Violence Project also posted on Facebook. "We will be sharing more soon about the updates regarding this murder. There is already a GoFundMe campaign running online to help raise funds to support Tamara's funeral costs, but we will also be helping support her family and Kansas City's trans and LGBQ communities cope and grieve through this tragedy."

Dominguez is at least the 18th trans person of color to die violently this year in the U.S.

KCTV Reports:

DominguezFriends and family have begun laying flowers at the site of the crime as they try to come to grips with her death.

One friend, Juan Rendon, told us it's hard to believe Dominguez is gone.

"I was like they are playing they are joking because she liked to play like that," Rendon said.

This was no joke. Dominguez was killed in a brutal act of violence around 3:00 Saturday morning.

Witnesses say they saw a black SUV, a Chevy Avalanche at the scene.

Police say the driver initially hit Dominguez, then ran over her body at least two more times.

"We understand that maybe they were arguing, but it's not fair for what he did. It ain't fair," Rendon said.

Rendon also spoke for Dominguez's brother, Alberto, who delivered a powerful message to the driver in Spanish.

"He just want to say to the person that did that to her, that he would forgive them for what he did to her, and he hopes that he can forget what he did," Dominguez said through translation as he started to cry. "We are not here to judge nobody, and he hopes that person really feels bad for what her did."

Family members said they didn't recognize the vehicle, nor do they know who Dominguez may have been with.

They are certain of one thing-she was loved.

"He doesn't know she has family. She had her mom. She had her nephews, brothers, and sisters that person didn't think about what he did," Rendon said.

The family is trying to raise funds to bury their loved one.

Donations can be made by calling 816) 745-2904.




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