OKLAHOMA CITY – The Oklahoma Tax commission has denied an application for a personalized license plate supporting the LGBT community because it carries “a sexual connotation.”


John Keefe applied for the personalized plate “LGBTALY” (or LGBT Ally) to show his support for the LGBT community, but the Oklahoma tax commission said “no,” reports KWTV.lgbtaly

“The gentleman who denied it said it was sexual in nature,” said Keefe.

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Keefe, who identifies straight, called the decision “a load of crap.”

“I thought that was very uneducated, very bigoted, very discriminatory against a population that has long faced an unfair, unethical discrimination,” he said.

The paperwork denying Keefe’s request says “the commission will deny a request if an objective, reasonable person would find that the proposed combination of letters and/or numbers falls into at least one of six categories.”

The first category is “carries a sexual connotation.”

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