CAMDEN COUNTY, Mo. - A Southeast Missouri man is being charged with three felony counts of assault motivated by discrimination after allegedly punching three people at a bar he thought were gay, Ozark First reports.
Allen M. Loftis, 22, of Ellsinore, is also charged with one count of peace disturbance, a class B Misdemeanor. The incident took place at appoximately 12:15 a.m. on Saturday, Aug. 4, inside a bar called Shady Gators in Lake Ozark, according to Lake News.
Loftis told the arresting officer that he, "does not let gay stuff go on." At least one victim was injured. 
"It is vital to our success as a community that we are able to go about our lives without fear of assault or of harassment," Office of the Prosecuting Attorney PA Heather Miller told Ozarks First.
According to the probable cause statement, this man reported fighting with Loftis in the bar after Loftis reportedly pulled the wig off his head. The man reportedly knocked Loftis’ hat off his head in return and in the ensuing scuffle, one of the victim’s friends tried to get in the middle and break it up, receiving the chipped tooth.
After Loftis and three of his own friends went outside, the three other men followed. Loftis reportedly attempted to leave in a taxi or Uber, with one of the victims asking where he was going because he had called the cops. Loftis’ friends claimed that the other man pulled Loftis from the cab, but a nearby security guard only reported the questioning to police. It was at this point though that Loftis turned to the second man and punched him in the face before the security guard intervened.
During a Miranda-waived interview at the Camden County Detention Center, Loftis told the deputy he had observed two guys dancing on each other and he pulled the wig off of the one man. They then pulled his hat off and he went back to “settle up” and admitted to striking one of them. He also stated that when he was attempting to get into an Uber, some guy came up behind him and told him he wasn’t going anywhere. Loftis admitted that he then struck that man.
Loftis has already posted a $75,000 surety bond. He could face up to four years in prison if convicted under Missouri's LGBT inclusive hate crime law. 
UPDATE: The three victims have told media outlets that they are heterosexual. The trio were at Shady Gators to see an 80s rock cover band and were dressed in costume like members of the big hair band. In short, Allen Loftis bashed three straight men because he perceived them to be gay.  




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