ST. LOUIS — The Metro Trans Umbrella Group (MTUG) has weighed in following yesterday’s sentencing of a one-time St. Louis police officer for harassing and intimidating Meg Hensley and her transgender partner Kandan Elliot late last year.


Jeffrey Michael Leveque, 45, will spend a year on supervised probation after pleading guilty to a misdemeanor charge.


“MTUG is grateful that the charges against Mr. Leveque were taken seriously,” the organization said in a statement to #Boom. “In light of the statistics of violence against trans persons all threats and intimidating behavior need to be taken seriously and followed up on.”


Leveque was charged with felony harassment in January after police said he and another man parked outside the couple’s home, and yelled threateningly at them as they tried to leave for work.


Leveque was reportedly offended by the couple’s display of a gay pride rainbow flag on their front porch that mimics the U.S. stars and stripes.


Later that day, Hensley learned that someone had posted a photo of their flag in “Rant and Rave” comment section of the St. Louis Craigslist, with the message:


So the carpet muncher called the police. So offended you were. Who is the criminal? You deface the “American Flag” and upset that stated to you how un American you are. Well you make me sick everyday when you kiss your girlfriend good bye. Being a carpet muching cunt is one thing but our flag is another. Have some respect for our country if you have no respect for our Lord.



Judge Steven Ohmer also barred Leveque from contacting the victims and ordered him to attend anger management services.


“It is MTUG'S hope that Meg and Kendan feel supported by their community during this process and satisfied with the outcome,” continued MTUG, who held a “Rally to END LGBTQI Bullying and Harassment” on S. Grand last December following the incident. “It is our sincere hope that no individuals feel unsafe in their homes for simply being who they are. It is our wish that this sends a message that intimidating hateful behavior will not be tolerated”


Leveque is a former St. Louis police officer who served from November 2001 to April 2004, according to the St. Louis Post-Dispatch, and resigned while under investigation by Internal Affairs for an unspecified allegation.