JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. — The 2018 Missouri Legislative Session had the fewest number of anti-LGBT bills filed in recent years. Plus, this was also the first time in years that no blatantly LGBT discriminatory bills have even received a hearing. Here is a list of anti-LGBT bills that did not move this session.

The language of the two anti-transgender bills included restricting public restroom or school restroom use by transgender individuals. These bills are and HB 1755 (Rep. Pogue) and SB 690 (Sen. Emery), respectively. The same legislators filed similar versions of these same bills for the past two years. Last year, Sen. Emery’s bill received a hearing with nearly 50 Missourians testifying in opposition.

There were three bills focused on religious exemptions and marriage. These bills were HB 1763 (Rep. Pogue), HB 1434 (Rep. Berry), and SCR 54 (Sen. Emery).

“We are thrilled that for the first time in many years, the Missouri Legislature did not prioritize discriminatory, anti-LGBT bills,” said PROMO Executive Director Steph Perkins. “Our work in the Capitol and across the state shows us that LGBT equality is not a partisan issue, and we are grateful for our allies on both sides of the aisle who help ensure Missouri moves forward instead of backward.”

Pro-LGBT, Missouri Nondiscrimination Act (MONA), however, did receive a hearing and was voted out of the House General Laws Committee. A new pro-LGBT bill was introduced in Missouri this session, HB 2141 (Rep. McCreery), which would ban the practice of conversion therapy on minors by licensed medical providers.