Celebrating two and a half years of advocacy, education, community and visibility on behalf of the St. Louis metro area’s transgender or trans identified population, the Metro Trans Umbrella Group (MTUG) has made some changes fitting to its growth in size, mission and scope.

The personnel changes are as follows: Sayer Johnson, (social worker, Papi, community organizer, artist, proud and queer trans man) co-founder and previous Board President, has now accepted the new position of Executive Director. Jaimie Hileman (BS Advertising, 24 years background in wine & spirits sales/brand management, LGBT activist and sommelier-at-large) has moved into the Board President role from her former position as board member.

Rae Larson (his CV includes co-founder, YouTube rock star, community activist and organizer) moves from the Secretary position to Social Media Coordinator. All are pleased that Jordan Riegerix (co-creator of the Locker Room trans masculine support group, facilitator, co-facilitator for Expression Spectrum; developmental coordinator, proud uncle and godparent) is carrying on as MTUG Treasurer. Kara Wolter (her background with MTUG includes facilitator of FemSpec trans feminine support group, board member and community activist) moves into the Secretary role.

Rebecca Skinner (she has a BS in Computer Information Systems and is a software developer) steps now into the newly created position of Director of Information Technology. Ro Kicker (they had previously been a staunch MTUG volunteer, co-founder and facilitator of the Expression Spectrum trans non-binary support group) heads the new role of Non-Binary Ambassador. Capella Marissa (her background includes interior design, physics, graphic design and trans community activism) now fills the board position of Event Director. Tim Lumpkins (artist, writer, social justice advocate - bringing with him a background in healthcare, educational training and IT) assumes the new role of Director of Health Access and Education.

Ianna Matney joins MTUG in a non-board position as Archivist, recording community events and activities to preserve our progress and history.

All changes to positions previously part of the board structure were voted on in accordance with MTUG by-laws. All new positions were added to the by-laws according to the appropriate procedure. Persons voted into the new board positions after the by-law changes were then voted into office according to procedure. All votes cast were unanimous.

The collective aim of MTUG in the ongoing mission of advocacy, education, community and visibility in the trans community, as well as the new Umbrella Center Project, has and will continue to be service by members of the trans community for the trans community. The earnest hope is that the combined skills, interests and passion of members old and new, now brought to the table with the new and expanded roles, will enable the same step change in capabilities and growth in the future as has been seen in the last two and a half years.

The MTUG leadership team would like to humbly thank the community at large for all support and effort since the beginning - and thank you all in advance for your continued goodwill and support!



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