Does your Facebook relationship status read “Single?” Do you sit alone at night cruising Netflix? Do the complexities of a relationship scare you, or make you weary of getting into a relationship?

Where were you?,” “Why are you so late getting home?” or, “I want to meet your so-called friends!”

Do any of the above relate to you? Well, I have a solution: adopt an animal through St. Louis Pet Rescue. Do you know that we are one of the few organizations in St. Louis that does not turn away FIV+ cats? Do you also know that shelters and pounds regularly euthanize FIV+ cats?

You may ask, what is FIV? Can I catch it? Will it be transmitted to my dog, or other cats? Is it the same as HIV (Human Immunodeficiency Virus)? In short, FIV is a feline-specific immune disorder and can only be transmitted from cat to cat through deep bite wounds or from mother to kitten.  

Remember back in the day when HIV/AIDS was just popping up on the radar? I do. I may have been young during that time, but I do remember it being called “The Gay Cancer.” I remember Ryan White on Oprah, I remember when the AIDS Memorial Quilt was started. When I have a chance at Pride to see parts of the Quilt, I am in awe, and silent. I internally memorialize those people lost to this horrific disease.

I also remember when the medical profession at large couldn't care less if HIV/AIDS patients lived or died. I marched with a small number of people from Growing American Youth in the mid 1990’s and recall other people marching to educate about HIV/AIDS. Since that time, we have become a lot more aware of what HIV/AIDS is, and thankfully, people with HIV/AIDS can now live long lives and be healthy.

Similarly, just like the medical profession did not give people with HIV/AIDS a chance back then, pounds and shelters don’t give FIV+ cats a chance at a happy and healthy life. How fair is that? Just because they contracted FIV? No - let’s give these cats a chance! The truth is FIV+ cats can live a long and happy life, and can coexist just fine with non-FIV+ cats. If FIV+ cats are fed a healthy diet, kept indoors, and have regular vet visits (no more than a cat without FIV should have), then these lovely meow meow’s can have a forever home and not be euthanized because of a lack of education about FIV. 

So, don't sit alone and watch Netflix! Maybe your new furry friend can help you find an animal appropriate movie!

Here is a link to St. Louis Pet Rescue's Adoptable Pets - but if you specifically want an FIV+ feline - feel free to email me at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and I will help you find your new furry friend.


Shane Pyatt is Outreach Coordinator for St. Louis Pet Rescue. 




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