ST. LOUIS – Approximately 150 music lovers enjoyed the incomparable talents of St. Louis' own Kim Massie at a free concert sponsored by Pride St. Louis, Inc. at Lumière Place Casino & Hotels, Dec. 12.


Lumière's iconic rainbow lighting returned for the occasion to frame Massie's massive poster on it's digital billboard. Attendees raised over $400 in donated tips and brought over 500 cans and other non-perishable food items to benefit Food Outreach.   


Massie earned a loyal LGBT following early in her career and is one of the most recognizable vocalists in the Midwest.


“Oh my God, It’s just awesome,” Massie told #Boom prior to taking the stage. “I’m a native St. Louisan, but when I first moved back here in 1999, I met a man by the name of Larry Richardson and he goes by the name Rick Lewis now because he’s a Karaoke host. Well, he was the one that introduced me to the gay community. We went to a Pride event in the park and the funny thing that I remember is there was a DJay there that had me sing. And once I got up there everybody wanted to sing and Larry had remarked, “It’s not the microphone. It’s not the microphone. You ain’t gonna sound like that!” But I met a lot of folk from there and some other Karaoke events and we’ve developed relationships over the years that have blossomed into the number of LGBT folks who come out to see me at events.”


Whether it be blues, rock, pop, country, gospel or R&B – there is little the singer hasn’t mastered for her vocal arsenal.


“I have a passion for what I do, I love what I do and I love music so I don’t let that limit me,” Massie continued. “The thing is, being a black, big woman – the stereotype is, oh, she sings blues and gospel. Yea, I do those, but when you come to my show you’re going to get a little bit of everything because there is a multitude of different folk out there and some may not just like blues or jazz. I don’t have a set list for what I do. What I do is I solicit the audience and they tell me what they want to hear. A lot of stuff is something I’ve never done before but the musicians that I have – collectively they are very versatile so we’ll try it and I’m not afraid of making a mistake.”


Massie is the recipient of two Best Female Vocalist of the Year Awards from The Riverfront Times  as well as a Grand Center Visionary Award in 2005. Having shared the stage with such artists as Cyndi Lauper, India Arie, Nelly and Chuck Berry, Massie has performed myriad concerts from intimate affairs to music festivals and when not on tour or playing premier events can be found with her band the Solid Senders at Beale on Broadway.


“It’s an awesome feeling being able to help,” said Massie of participating in the charity concert. “Because sometimes we want to help but we don’t know how or where to go. So I met Mr. Lukeman from Food Outreach years ago and saw the work that they were doing and the number of people that they were reaching and it’s grown so much.”


Food Outreach provides nutritional support and enhances the life of men, women, and children living with HIV/AIDS or cancer in the St. Louis area.


Massie has been a longtime supporter of Pride St. Louis, performing at festival and other events. In fact, the diva feels a real kinship with her LGBT audience.


“Being out there and seeing the diversity – just like I want to be appreciated for who and what I am – so do they,” she explained. “I’ve been a big woman all my life and there’s a stereotype there. So I’m among folks who I am sure have been looked upon for this, that or the other and it’s too bad we still have to deal with that but I think little by little we’re changing things and those stereotypes.”



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