Hot new pop act MKTO is set to close out PrideFest 2014 weekend on Sunday, June 29 at 6:30 p.m. on the Bud Light Main Stage. Fresh off appearances on Live! With Kelly and Michael, a national tour with Emblem3 and an upcoming performance on The View –the “Celebrity” duo will not disappoint.  


Congratulations on your appearance on Live! With Kelly and Michael. You guys sounded great. How was that experience?


It was awesome to meet Kelly and Michael and all the awesome football players and the high school band was great. Anytime we get to perform on TV we love it and it’s just a great thing. We’ve put a lot of hard work and progress into this and we just want to keep growing.  


You guys were just on tour with Emblem3 and just returned from Australia – you’re busy boys. Are you keeping up with the pace? 


Yeah, I mean we actually just got off our first headlining tour in Australia and that was our first couple tours we did with Emblem3 and they’re awesome dudes. It’s bee a crazy whirlwind that lasat couple of years without taking off. We’re just excited to be officially do our first headlining tour of the year called “The American Dream” tour and you know, all of these opportunities – I’m a firm believer in fate, I believe this happens for a reason. Doing something we love is the most joyful thing you can do in life.  


We’re super excited to have you at PrideFest this year. What do you have in store for St. Louis audiences this summer? 


We want to come out and give a great show for a great cause. Gay people always enjoy good music and we’ve got the cause involved so we couldn’t turn it down. We’re so happy to be involved – we’re gonna knock it out. We can’t wait.


I read where you said that MKTO "stands for what our album kind of is: Misfit Kids and Total Outcasts – just like the kids we were in high school” – so you guys totally get what it’s like to not fit in and feel otherly.  


Absolutely and we’re excited to do this. But I think we always want to relate to our fans on some level. You know, growing up in Texas, if you didn’t play sports you were completely an outcast. I played band, I was in musicals – I didn’t care. We want people to understand that you need to follow what you’re passionate about – follow what you love. Love is the most important thing and I think it’s what the world needs more of.  


When did you both first become aware of LGBT issues? When did it first come across your radar?  


I’ve always had a lot of gay friends and I just stand by love whoever you want to love. That’s not anybody’s judgement or anybody’s call besides yourself – you are your own person. I’ve never thought anything different of it – it’s just love who you want to love and be happy. Just walk out with a smile on your face, that’s all I care about.  


You both met as actors on a project and became best friends. Could you talk about the energy between best friends and how that feeds into your art?  


It’s very organic. Yeah, we were both signed on the TV show and a year later we’re up on YouTube. We both bring something to the table and that really works well together. We try to combine rap and strong pop and R&B and lots of different genres – we love to do it all. He’s my best friend and we’re traveling the world and having a good time together and it’s all we could ever ask for.  


You’ll be performing at PrideFest – what does PRIDE mean to MKTO?  


Standing up for something you believe in and loving what you do.




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