The national award-winning and out & proud comedian, Dana Goldberg, will return to St Louis on Friday, November 9th for a special one night performance at the historic Sheldon Concert Hall & Art Galleries at 8 p.m. benefiting Pride St. Charles.


The activist, humanitarian and comedic wit made a name for herself on TBS, LOGO, and “Last Comic Standing," and is currently touring the nation leading the resistance against the hateful and bigoted rhetoric coming from the Trump administration.


Goldberg will be joined on stage by St. Louis' own, Shannon Yarbrough, a published writer and respected comedian on the circuit.


#Boom recently chatted with Goldberg to talk about the upcoming benefit show, Trump, and what happens when comedy and activism collide...


We're two weeks out from the crucial Nov. 6th midterm election. How are you feeling about things right now?


Like there’s not enough time released Xanax to get me through the next two weeks! Seriously though, this has been an incredibly hard two years for the LGBTQ community and all marginalized communities in this country. As recently as last week there was another attack on our Trans brothers and sisters. I’m tired, but I’m also very fired up. I believe we can take back our country, but we all have to get out and vote in the midterms. Then we all have to get out and laugh with me on Friday, November 9th.


Your St. Louis show takes place three days after the election. As you've said, we'll either be really happy, or really sad. What's the creative process in situations like this?


These midterms have created a situation where I’m going to wait to write my show until after November 6th. If we win the House back, the energy in that room is going to be very different than if, God forbid, this shit show of a presidency continues for another two years. It’s interesting because people think comedians hit a goldmine. “You must have so much material!” Yes, but I’m also a woman and a lesbian so I’ve just been marching and day drinking for two years. My creative process right now is somewhere between sobriety and a black out.


I love when comedy and politics collide. Who are some of your comedic role models?


You and me both! My role models now are different than when I started. When I first started comedy, Robin Williams was the guy who inspired me. He had one of the most brilliant minds in the world. I cried like I lost a family member when he died. There will never be another person like him. As far as present day role models, now I admire the people I share the stage with: Erin Foley, Wanda Sykes, Jessica Kirson, Fortune Feimster, Gina Yashere. There are so many powerful female voices in comedy right now. I feel like it’s my job to speak truth to power. I’m doing my best to bring some levity to this insanity, but boy is it exhausting sometimes.


I gotta ask - what was the tweet that got you blocked by Trump?


He had wished John McCain well when he was going through his brain surgery and I responded calling him out on the history of his support or lack of for the war hero. Trump has never liked McCain and he made that very clear before the election. I may not agree with McCain’s politics, but there is no arguing he served his country. I called Trump out and that’s what he hates the most. He doesn’t like being held accountable for what he says and does, so he silences the people who challenge him. Some days I really wish I hadn’t been blocked because I have some things to say, but I’m sure he’ll do and say a thousand more things that will give me fodder when they make him unblock everyone.


Let's have some fun - you're invited to perform at the White House Correspondents Dinner. Trump is there. What's your first line?


First of all, from your mouth to God’s ears. I would love to perform at that dinner. First line? “Good evening, I’m Dana Goldberg. I know Trump is in the room tonight, so I’ll be staying behind this podium so my pussy is completely out of reach.”


Can you talk briefly about the power of comedy to create social change?


I believe as a comedian and a public figure, it’s my job to speak truth to power right now. Comedy is a way of breaking down barriers between communities so we can all laugh at the common human experiences we have together. I talk about my own personal experiences, but people can see themselves in my material, I give them permission to laugh at things they won’t normally allow themselves to laugh at. When we can see the humanity in other people, we are able to hear them, really listen to what they are feeling. Facts don’t seem to mean anything these days because millions of people in the country are living in an alternate reality. Listening to how people feel might be the only way to affect change right now.


Your show will benefit Pride St. Charles. What was your first Pride experience?


My first Pride experience was in Long Beach California. I drove from Albuquerque, New Mexico, where I lived, with about a dozen of my friends. I don’t remember much, but I remember making out with someone watching the sunset near the beach. Total cliché! I was only 18 so I was probably overwhelmed with the experience. When I was younger, it was a big party. Now that I’m older and more aware of the struggles we are fighting through, Pride for me has taking on more of a meaning of advocacy and visibility. Don’t get me wrong, I still enjoy a little day drinking, only now I don’t make out with strangers.


Any final thoughts?


Come to the show on Friday, November 9th. We need laughter more than ever right now, and no matter what happens in the midterms, I promise to bring that to you. Get out and vote on November 6th. Also follow me on social media! I’m still blocked by Trump so you can imagine what other trouble I’m causing. Twitter and Instagram @dgcomedy



Ticket prices are $25 - $60 and help benefit Pride St. Charles to continue to create an environment of equality and diversity for the LGBTQ community. The event is 16+ or accompanied by a parent or legal guardian. For ticket information check out



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