#Boom Magazine conducted an interview today with Grammy award winning artist and out lesbian icon Melissa Etheridge to help promote her upcoming tour with Blondie stopping at Fair St. Louis on July 3.

During our discussion, the topic of Caitlyn Jenner (formerly Bruce) came up given yesterday's media explosion over the former Olympic champion turned reality star debuting her new identity in a striking Vanity Fair cover story shot by legendary out photographer Annie Leibovitz.

"I think she's handling it very, very well. I think she's very smart," said Etheridge when asked what advice she might have for Jenner having publicly come out herself in January 1993.

"I would say to her welcome to being a woman, it's not always easy," Etheridge continued. "That the love she will find in herself will forever be the most important love she will ever need - and I hope that someday that the male and female in each of us, in every human being, will be celebrated no matter what gender they are."



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