Veteran St. Louis DJ Danny Morris can be found creating his music and video magic at Just John in the Grove each week, but with his newly released podcast "Altered Visions", he's bringing a bit of the club and the kiki to viewers at home and abroad.


The premiere episode, which dropped on Friday, features a fun mix of dance tracks and video, including a special interview with DJ Bruce Devery of G St. Pete from Florida.


We caught up with Danny to talk "Altered Visions", music and more. (You can check out his first episode below.)


"Altered Visions" dropped on our social media feeds like the Beyoncé album. What was the inspiration behind it and what do you hope to do with it?


Actually, it was the my husband Xavier's idea. He explained to me that DJing in a club and having my audio mix cloud has been very good to me but I could connect people all over the place doing the video podcast. I thought the idea was really cool since I can't say that I have seen anyone doing this yet. It was originally going to be a live stream show once a week. But learning the program and the production has been a bit overwhelming so we decided a once a month show would be a great way to start out until we work all the bugs out.


This has evolved from just DJing into doing a Charts section and also creating the concept of "KiKi Lounge" where I will get a chance to introduce viewers to a lot of interesting people I have met. The goal is to go live every week when we get to that point. That way I can interact and chat with people and even take a request or two. Basically the reason I am doing this is because Facebook is cluttered with political opinions and I am guilty of it too. But the goal here is to basically get you away from that for awhile. Also I have friends that I grew up with that don't get out any more. So this is a nice way of giving them a moment to hear some new music I play and that way they feel connected to the club scene.


What can folks look forward to in the near future with "Altered Visions"?


Well like I said before we would like to eventually get to a live streaming format every week. I have a few things up my sleeve for some fun takeaways between sets. So I am going to be experimenting a lot to see what works and what doesn't in the next year. My husband and I have a lot of ideas and we are always brainstorming. I am planning on doing some special episodes in the future starting with the next episode which will air on October 26th. It will be all about my time at Faces. The whole episode will be packed with music from that era (1996 - 2002). Two former employees will be my guests in the return to the "KiKi Lounge". I will also be doing special episodes dedicated to other clubs I have worked at such as Twist and Fallout.


I'm dating myself, but we do go way back. I remember you spinning at Twist and Fallout. Tell us a bit about your DJing career.


The first place I DJ'd at was Angle's. I DJ'd a special event for Howard Meyer. Then I worked at Magnolia's briefly until they found out I was 20. I used to make mix tapes for Julie the manager at Twist. She talked to me about doing an all ages night that eventually carried over to Fallout and I eventually becoming a Billboard reporting DJ in 1994. I am still a Billboard DJ marking my 24th year this November, it's something I am very proud to be a part of.


I have always tried to use video in my sets even from the beginning. I used to use VHS tapes and they were a big part of DJing for me back when MTV was actually showcasing music videos. Seeing what a strong presence videos had in the club scene, I gravitated towards doing long versions of video remixes to play in my set, and then eventually doing them professionally. I was pleased when technology eventually made it mildly easy to mix videos from DVD's and now from mp4 files. In a lot of ways I had a feeling video was always the path I would be taking and has become a big part of my DJing.


What's the secret to keeping your finger on the pulse of what's current in the queer dance scene?


I think the secret to staying aware is to just listen to customers and try to do your best to know what will work and what to filter out. Also being a Billboard DJ definitely helps as well. I also talk to other DJ's and promoters and see what works for them. I also like throwing in some hits from the past too that way it makes for a fun mix for all ages.


Ok - I'm putting you on the spot. Absolute favorite song of all time?


Donna Summer "I Feel Love" - that song is timeless. You could play the original version in a set today and it still works. It's my go to happy place song.


AV Show S01E01 - Pilot - djdannymorris



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