LGBT Adoptions and Grants for LGBT Couples


Expanding your family when you are part of the LGBT community is not always straightforward. It may not be possible for either you or your spouse to contribute biologically to making new children. In other cases, you may find that concerns about equality and the overall balance of the family relationship could mean that one spouse having biological children is not the correct solution.


For these LGBT couples, adoption may be the best choice. Adoption allows an LGBT couple to grow their family without the issues that may arise if only one spouse has a biological connection to the child. It also helps provide a safe and loving home to a child who might otherwise go without one. Unfortunately, adoption can also be incredibly expensive, leaving many couples worried about how they can cover the cost. There are options available, provided that you are willing to do some paperwork and are dedicated to following through with the process.


LGBT Adoption Loans Are a Quick and Accessible Solution


For couples who do not have the liquid assets available to cover the full cost of an LGBT adoption, the process may seem out of reach. However, there are financial institutions that provide loans to couples seeking to expand their families. These adoption loans are a quick and efficient way to connect with the financial resources you need to cover the costs of the adoption process. You shouldn't have to worry about LGBT adoption discrimination, as your ability to repay should matter more than your gender or orientation.


Of course, taking out an adoption loan means that you will have an additional expense to consider every month. Most new parents find that the love and joy of a new child more than offsets the financial inconvenience of needing to pay back their adoption loan. For couples who need to raise funds for adoption quickly, an adoption loan may be the best option. However, it is not the only option for financing or funding it an adoption.


Adoption Grants Are Available to LGBT Couples and Families


Unlike a loan, a grant is a financial gift that does not need to be repaid unless the terms of the grant are violated. A grant is an excellent way to secure the funding that your family needs to pay for a LGBT adoption. Connecting with an adoption grant does not need to be an intimidating process. Instead, it can be as simple as turning in an application.


The National Adoption Foundation's Board of Directors meets once each quarter to review applications for adoption grants. LGBT couples may find that applying for these grants is a great first step towards securing the funding they need to grow their families. Their program specifically does not consider gender or sexual orientation in the application process, meaning that they happily provide adoption grants to same-sex couples.


The grants from The National Adoption Foundation can help couples utilize their LGBT adoption rights when they otherwise could not afford to do so. The grants that they provide can cover the costs of any adoption of non-related children, including special needs, international, private, and agency adoptions. Whatever program you are using to adopt a child, The National Adoption Foundation grants will likely be able to help offset those expenses, if you get approved.


If the expense of adoption has been holding you back, understanding your financing options is a great first step. There are many opportunities to help you pay for an adoption. Once you are aware of these options, you can make a more informed decision and start moving forward with growing your beautiful family.


Jenni Almeia is the Director Of National Outreach for the  National Adoption Foundation 


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