Muslim Drag Queens, a Channel 4 documentary that examined the lives of gay men and trans women who perform in a way that some view as completely opposite to their religion, aired Tuesday night to critical acclaim.

But Gay Star News reports that the star of a documentary has received death threats following the airing of the program.

In the documentary, Asifa Lahore (boy name Asif) can be seen performing at drag shows, fasting during Ramadan and reading the Qu’ran.

He began receiving hate-filled emails shortly after the broadcast, such as “You call yourself a Muslim, you should be ashamed of yourself and killed” and “[we are] going to find [you] and kill [you] like ISIS would”.

One Twitter user posted: “Absolutely repulsed by the ‘Muslim’ drag queens on channel 4. No place for that in Islam at all. The sharia is perfect &needs implementation.”

Lahore posted a message to all the haters on Twitter:

In a statement to Gay Star News, a Channel 4 spokesperson said: “The contributors agreed to take part after extensive discussions about what appearing in the programme would involve and how much this would likely elevate their profiles.”





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