ST. CHARLES, Mo. - CenterPointe Hospital has announced that its True You Recovery Treatment Center, the  St. Louis area’s first residential treatment center for substance use that is dedicated to meeting the needs of LGBTQ+ members, will open on December 16, 2019.


TrueYouWindowLocated on CenterPointe's main hospital campus in Weldon Spring, Missouri (St. Charles County), True You Recovery is a designated safe space for members of the LGBTQ+ community to access substance use treatment. In addition to providing a comprehensive substance use treatment curriculum, True You Recovery will also provide:


· A safe environment – emotionally, psychologically & physically – for members to go through this journey with their community


· An environment which allows clients to be their authentic self throughout treatment


· Gender inclusive rooming, gender affirming environment


· Affirming therapists and staff


· Peer support, family support


According to the National Institute of Drug Abuse (NIDA), the LGBTQ community suffers from higher rates of substance abuse than the population as a whole.  An estimated 20 to 30 percent of the LGBTQ+ community abuses substances, compared to about 9 percent of the population as a whole.  This is due in part to a number of societally imposed obstacles that they face, often on a daily basis, that those who identify as heterosexual typically don’t.  A few of these challenges include:


· Discrimination or stigmatization based on sexual orientation


· Hate crimes; emotional abuse, threats, public humiliation or ridicule


· Rejection or shame from family or friends after coming out


· Loss of employment or not receiving promotions


The True You Recovery Treatment Center will provide 4 weeks of residential treatment, and when preceded by 1 week of detoxification the stay can total 5 weeks of treatment.  Outpatient treatment is also provided, as well as referrals to LGBTBQ+ community providers for follow up treatment.



For more information about True You Recovery, call 800-345-5407 or 636-477-2136 and ask for Admissions.




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