July 2014: Missouri Has New Online Publication    


St. Louis recently got a new source of information serving the LGBT community when three men launched #Boom Magazine, a news, advocacy and community publication. went live on the web on June 17.  




December 2014: Gay Monday on Indio Radio


Live from Shock City Studios...It's The John and Kane Show - It’s Monday and we bring back #GayMonday with our guests: Sex therapist, Lindsay Walden and Lord Thomas Fortenberry of (@FaceAndJunk) - but before we get into all things gay with the fantastic gentlemen of Boom Magazine STL - we kick off the show with PR hottie Angie Taylor who brought in the equally hot Jessica Leitch with Alive Magazine - Jess coordinates all of Alive Magazine's events and is an old co-worker of Kane's - you can connect with these fine ladies here: @AngieTaylorSTL and @jessleitch  - and the 'Colins' from #Boom Magazine (BoomMagSTL on all social media that matters) talk about their multi-faceted and thorough LBGTQ community online magazine (soon to be in print) - so connect with these guys - and even contribute if you'd's how they roll over at #Boom Magazine... 



 JANUARY 2015: Gay Monday on Indio Radio


John and Kane are LIVE Monday thru Friday at 10a CT on INDIO RADIO...It's The John and Kane Show - It's DOWNLOADABLE and it’s Monday, and our Gay Monday segment starts off the show! We bring The Colins and Michael in from #Boom Magazine! They talk about their new .LGBT web domain: - they are one of the FIRST to have the .LGBT - and we dig that - make sure to connect and support! 




.lgbt — Internet’s First Top-Level Domain for the LGBT Community Launches


Among the pioneers who have launched their new .lgbt web address is LGBTQ Nation’s St.Louis-based media partner,



            .LGBT Public Launch Begins Today

#Boom Media is a St. Louis, U.S.-based news, advocacy and community publication serving the LGBT community. Said #Boom publisher Colin Lovett, “Not only does the nomenclature of the .LGBT domain represent the community we serve, but because we provide LGBT-specific content, this top-level domain will drive users searching for this content to our site.”





There’s a New Gay URL, and Some Gay People Aren’t Happy About


The press release noted five “.LGBT pioneers” with sites that are currently up and running, including a site for an LGBT convention, St. Louis based #Boom Magazine and the London based Pink News.




The Tenth Voice KKFI Kansas City KKFI Interview 


#Boom co-owners Colin Murphy and Colin Lovett join John Long, Publisher of Camp Magazine in Kansas City for a discussion on LGBT media with Elizabeth Andersen from "The Tenth Voice" on KKFI in Kansas City. 


A Sit Down Chat with Colin & Colin from #Boom Magazine


In 2014, Colin Lovett and Colin Murphy decided to combine their experience in journalism with their passion for the LGBT community by starting an online publication, #Boom Magazine


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