Whether we want to admit it or not, gay porn has always been a big part of queer culture. We can debate for years whether or not it helped or hurt the LGBT rights movement; but one man and his strong beliefs will make you think twice about your view on the subject. #Boom Magazine proudly brings to QFest St. Louis 2015 Seed Money: The Chuck Holmes Story on Wed., April 29 (9 p.m. at The Tivoli).
Seed Money tells the story of Chuck Holmes, a San Francisco pornographer turned philanthropist who founded the gay pornography production and distribution company known as Falcon Studios. By the late 1980s, Falcon was the undisputed leader in gay pornography. At a time when images of gay men in mainstream media were few, Holmes' movies had an outsized effect on gay male identity. He was instrumental in redefining gay identity in his image: clean-cut, preppy, boy-next-door.
Holmes helped shape and create gay identity in the years after Stonewall believing you should always give back or you’ll lose it all.  Holmes directed most of his fortune and time towards philanthropy. He funded many HIV/AIDS outreach programs, as well as San Francisco Community Center Project, Amnesty International, Global Green, Sierra Club, The Gay and Lesbian Victory Fund and the Human Rights Campaign. 
Holmes was also active in supporting political campaigns both locally in San Francisco, and at the national level. Many of the candidates denied his funding because they believed it was “DIRTY” porn money. Holmes knew that many of the influential people in his life were only there because of his bank roll. And while his money was ALWAYS welcomed in philanthropic circles, he wasn't. 
Can “PORN” money ever be seen in mainstream culture as “GOOD” money? I didn’t know or have any idea about Chuck Holmes’ story prior to screening Seed Money. Whether you agree or disagree with me; I now know and see Chuck Holmes as an out and proud gay entrepreneur who used his time and money to help further the gay rights movement. 
I encourage you to join us at QFest St. Louis, presented at the LEGENDARY Tivoli Theatre, to check out Seed Money playing Wed. April 29 at 9pm. Decide for yourselves!

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