Frozen is the highest grossing animated film of all time. With songs like, “Do You Want to Build a Snowman,” “Love is an Open Door” and “Let it Go” it is arguably one of the most sing-along inducing musicals in recent times. 
To that end, Feld Entertainment brings Elsa, Anna, Olaf and the rest of the Frozen gang (along with even more beloved Disney characters) to the Scottrade Center from Feb. 26 – March 1 in their new production of Disney On Ice presents Frozen.  Combining a unique stage design and state-of-the-art special effects the entire audience will feel as if they are trekking up the North mountains and feel the storm brewing inside Elsa. 
Really – could there be a more idealistic story to be told on ice? 
I got to chat with out principle skater, Adam W.D. Loosley about his life as an ice skater and his experience with Disney On Ice presents Frozen
At what age did you start skating? What was your motivation?
 Adam Loosley Headshot 1
I started skating at age three. I grew up in a skating family. Both my mom and dad were professional skating coaches and my older brother Jay skated as well, so I grew up in the arena. Throughout my competitive career as a skater growing up, I really enjoyed the athleticism of skating and the challenge and accomplishment of learning new tricks. Joining Disney On Ice, I was able to fuse together the athleticism of the sport with the drama and performance of being able to tell great stories and what a better story to tell 
than Frozen!
Once you sent in your audition tape what was the process like once you got the call?  

After getting the opportunity to perform as local talent in an ice show with some of my heroes like Brian Orser and Kurt Browning, I realized that I was not done with skating and had the urge to continue to grow as a performer. Performing in that show was such a turning point for me and it motivated me to send in an addition tape to the casting director with Disney On Ice. Before I knew it I was on a plane and on my way to Glasgow Scotland for my very first engagement with Disney On Ice. Taking that chance and sending that audition video changed my life and the rest is history! I've been with Disney On Ice now for 11 years and I've had an absolutely amazing time traveling the world but also meeting some amazing people along the way while doing something I love. I am grateful every day for the incredible performance opportunities, friendships and life lessons this job has taught me. 
Life on the road can be hectic – how do find time to stay centered and focused? 
Life on the road is a very fun and fast paced lifestyle that definitely keeps things interesting and there are some challenges especially living out of two suitcases. For me, keeping in touch with my friends and family from home always keeps me centered and grounded. As for the cast around me, we become a family on tour, we look out for each other and together find a balance between work, travel and play. Sometimes that means taking time for yourself - going for a walk, looking at something beautiful in the new city just arrived in or maybe going to an art museum that week. I love finding a great place to eat in a city or maybe going back to a favorite area of a city that I've been to before on previous tours.
What do you do to stay in shape? 
I enjoy having a job that is physically active and in this show, because the choreography has such a wide range of needs, anything from pairs skating to ensemble skating to single skating; going to work every day simply keeps me in shape. Together as a cast (before every show) we warm-up including a short cardio and a stretch class. Also each week we rehearse production numbers and do an on ice edge class with our performance director.




You're a world traveler – which country is your favorite to visit? Have there been any traveling mishaps?


I absolutely love the travel aspect of my job! I have been able to tour to 32 different countries over the last 10 years and I would never have that opportunity without being able to perform with Disney On Ice. Traveling really opens your mind to different perspectives, and I love different places for different reasons. Naming a favorite is difficult but I really do love the food in Italy! The beaches in Thailand are a close second! As for our side of the world, I love seeing the contrast between the East Coast and the West Coast cities and culture. Now throughout my adventures, of course, there have been some travel mishaps including lost luggage, canceled flights, broken down buses - but when you're with a cast that travels with you all of those mishaps become great stories one day!


Is there any special ritual – besides putting your left skate on first (which is totally adorable) that you do before you go on stage?

Don't tell Princess Anna, but before my entrance as Prince Hans, I like to sing along to her singing "For the First Time in Forever" adding some harmony of my own rendition. I've done it for so many shows now that it feels odd if I don't do it. [Laughs.]

What about romance? Is there someone special in your life? If not, how is single life on the road?

I have had some romances on tour but I am currently single at this time. As for secrets to romance or long-distance relationships or even secrets to being single on tour, I'm not sure if I would be the one to ask as I am still figuring it all out myself... In fact if you know any secrets please let me know! [Laughs]. However, I can tell you that I've witnessed some of my friends over the years meet the love of their lives on tour; husbands, wives and I have performed with friends that have had long-lasting and successful long distance relationships as well. Until that comes along for me I am embracing my incredible friends I have here and at home!

What is the most challenging aspect of performing in Disney On Ice presents Frozen?

I have really enjoyed playing Prince Hans of the Southern Isles because it is challenging; in the first act I get to be a romantic, cheesy character that woos Princess Anna into falling in love with him very quickly but in the second act I have ulterior motives. As a performer, I need to convey a real contrast between Prince Hans' very distinctive personalities. I like to think in act one when I'm performing "Love is an Open Door" with Princess Anna, that the audience forgets that I'm pretty evil in the end. But there's no stopping the emotional reaction I get in the end. The audience gets pretty involved in the story and I absolutely love that. I can tell you by the end of the show I may not be everyone's favorite prince.

The most rewarding?

It is very rewarding to know that the audience gets so enveloped in the storyline and the characters. We absolutely love when kids come dressed up as their favorite princess, prince or character from the story, or even when the parents get involved too! It means we’re doing something right and the show really does make you feel like you're a part of the story, you’re transported to Arendelle! The tour is scheduled to go all though the end of 2015; that seems like a quite daunting schedule. Are you planning on staying for the entire run?

Being a part of the Frozen phenomenon we are experiencing has been so rewarding that it makes the busy show schedule very bearable. It also helps that we are so proud of this production that we look forward to performing it to every single audience! I would be honored to continue with this production as long as I can!

Look into your magic crystal ball and tell us what the future holds for you.

I would love to one day further my career behind the scenes. The opportunity to further motivate, inspire and share some of my performance knowledge to the younger performers would be a wonderful opportunity. As for right now my crystal ball seems to be a bit "snowy." I wonder why...

Tickets for Disney on Ice presents Frozen start at just $15. For show times and ticket prices please visit



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