A Christmas Carol


The Fabulous Fox and the Nebraska Theatre Company bring some holiday cheer to St. Louis with a magical production of the timeless story, A Christmas Carol. Originally written in 1843 by Charles Dickens, the story still seems fresh and relevant in modern times.


An old (and rich) curmudgeon is visited by three ghosts to teach him the error of his ways and to show him that while he may have all the money in the world, what really matters in life is love.


The theme of the story that still speaks to me today is to not forget who you once were in life. When Ebenezer Scrooge is visited by the Ghost of Christmas Past and is reminded of how carefree and loving he once was, it takes me to that place of self reflecting in my own life.


Like Ebenezer, I wasn't always this evil and bitter, I was once a happy and fun loving free spirit. Wow – this show is serving as two hours of therapy.


Then, when he is visited by the Ghost of Christmas Present it reminds to me to not worry about the things I cannot change but to enjoy those around me and to cherish every moment. This is getting deep girls – I think I am about to have a breakthrough.


Finally when he is visited by the Ghost of Christmas Future I am reminded that nothing is set in stone and I am the architect of my own future. Therapy gold star for me.


That is the beauty of this story – every one of us can identify in some shape or form with Scrooge. I know I injected a lot of myself into that last section, but that is what great theater does, it allows you to identify and become one with the story.


Paul Kerr in the role of Scrooge was magnificent. His booming voice filled the auditorium. His stage presence was captivating and his delivery as astonishing. I have seen many men take on the role of Scrooge in my time, but this is one the best I have ever seen. From his body language to his comedic timing, Kerr was outstanding in every aspect.


Other outstanding facets of the production were the breathtaking sets and sensational costumes. Scenic Designer, James Othuse and Costumer Designers Georgiann Regan and Lynne Ridge are masters at their craft and all did outstanding jobs. I particularly enjoyed the snowing on stage. The magic is all in the details and the sets and costumes have it in abundance.


Another highpoint of this musical was, well, the music. When the large ensemble gathered and performed as one it was spellbinding. Each of the group numbers felt emotionally overpowering at times without going over the line. I would point out specific numbers that were the best, but they were all equally wonderful.


While nearly all of the elements in this production fired on all cylinders, the only thing that didn't was the sound. Mics seemed to be cutting out at odd times. It must be a daunting task to keep all of the mic levels hot with a cast this large, but when it happened, it did take me out of the moment.


With this show only being in town until December 14th you better run to get your tickets to this fabulous production. Trust me honey, every last one of us in this town needs a little Christmas in our hearts right now and this show will show you the way.


A Christmas Carol runs through December 14th. Please visit fabulousfox.com for ticket prices and show times.


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