ST. LOUIS, Mo. - The Q Collective has announced the playwrights for its second Coming Out Play Festival taking place Oct. 17-19 at The Monocle in the Grove.


106 playwrights representing 68 cities and 3 countries submitted 136 plays that explore all aspects of what it means to come out. The Q Collective is pleased to be featuring St. Louis-based playwright Charlie Meyers once again in this year’s festival and welcoming lyricist Lee Ehmke and composer Holly Barber!

Baby Dyke Whisperer
by Amber Palmer
Betty is on her first date with a woman and trying her best to figure out her sexuality. Fortunately for her, she's on a date with Erin, The Baby Dyke Whisperer. This play explores LGBT culture, figuring out one's sexuality, and the complicated relationship queer women have with the word 'dyke.'

Catching Lemons
by Michael Pisaturo
Matthew has been in the closet for as long as he can remember, but when his grandmother's dementia takes a turn for the worse, he realizes how little time he has left to tell her what he has never told anyone before.

The Man in a Lavender Suit
by Irene L. Pynn
This is a short play about four women at a séance.

Like Summer on the Beach
by Martha Patterson
A woman, disgusted with her boyfriend and attracted to a new woman, comes out to her women’s group.

by Charlie Meyers
Sam is about to become a Bat Mitzvah, but is struggling with greater questions of self. What does it mean to “become a woman” when that label feels all wrong?

by Winston Stilwell
A seemingly ordinary trip to the mall becomes something much more. A subtle drama about family and maybe more importantly, unconditional love—something we all crave and the luckiest of us get.

Second Look
by Nick Malakhow
Two men, each with walls of their own, strike up a conversation in front of a gay bar. Jason, who is completely blind, is anxious that his disability will make him an unappealing partner, while Robbie is too self-deprecating and self-conscious to exist in what he perceives to be an image-driven bar scene. Jason and Robbie connect over feeling subjected to preconceived notions in their daily lives, and find comfort in one another’s abilities to push past first impressions.

That Perfect Kiss
Lyrics by Lee Ehmke
Music by Holly Barber
Prince Charming and Cinderella attend the same ball looking for a love connection. When they finally find it, it’s not at all what they expected. The Prince’s Advisor and twin sister join in on the fun. Will everyone find their happily ever after?

The Home for Retired Canadian Girlfriends
by John Bavoso
What happens when the people we create to hide our true selves get to live lives of their own? Tiffany is about to find out… but she’s gotta get through a very enthusiastic Orientation Coordinator first.

Performances of Coming Out Play Festival are October 17-19, Thursday through Saturday, at 7:00 p.m. and October 19-20, Saturday through Sunday, at 4:00 p.m. The Thursday night performance will feature a pay-what-you-can with the option to donate to a local LGBTQIA+ charity at the door; charity organization will be announced at a later date. Tickets for all other performances are $20 in advance through or $25 at the door. All performances are at The Monocle, 4510 Manchester Avenue, St. Louis, MO 63110.

Some plays contain adult language and frank sexual situations.

Visit The Q Collective at, and “like” them on Facebook. To contact the staff, email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


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