Necessary Outlet, an LGBTQ production studio, is celebrating World Pride with an early release of Community, a new audio drama podcast.   Ripped from today’s headlines, Season 1 of the twelve-part serialized LGBTQ drama chronicles a fictional shooting that unfolds inside a gay nightclub.  Written and directed by Jack Tracy, the first episode is available now on Spotify. Episode two will launch July 9 with a brand-new show airing every Tuesday.


“I was inspired to create Community as a podcast after hearing the audio tapes taken inside the border detention centers that surfaced in the press a few months ago,” explains Jack Tracy.  “While I was already horrified by this administration’s immigration practices, listening to those tapes made it feel very personal.  I suddenly felt activated. Reading about the practices was one thing but hearing the actual impact, the trauma of the migrant children crying for their parents while the border patrol officers laughed at them, I found myself completely overwhelmed with anger and sadness and motivated to do more to help bring about change.  It was then that I realized how powerful an audio format can be.”


“In creating Community, I wanted to evoke the same feelings for listeners that I felt listening to those border detention center tapes and inspire listeners into action,” he continues.  “I decided to turn my attention to the constant threat of gun violence we face today and the need for gun legislation reform.”


Jack Tracy narrates Community and plays the role of Hector, a character suffering with toxic masculinity.  Additional voice actors include Ben Tracy (Brad), Erik Schneider (Velossa Raptor), Dominic Martello (Nathan), Lebene Ayivor (Desiree), Bianca Sanchez (Jess), Destiny Shegstad (Cynthia), Samanthia Nixon (Nia), Maddie Small (Ellie), Alexander Spears (Angelo), Brandon Salerno (Roy), Aaron Drill (Andy), Miguel Lopez (Miguel), Kelley Lorde (Erica) and Matthew Menendez (Shawn).  Necessary Outlet is proud to prominently feature two transgender lead characters in Community, voiced by trans actors Liam Zupp (Luke) and Jay Knowles (Ally).


“Because it was audio, I was able to ignore physical appearance when casting, which made for a real treat when the actors all showed up to record,” Tracy explains.  “However, I did keep identity in mind when deciding who played what character.  I didn’t want a white actor voicing a black person or a cis actor voicing a transgender role.”


It was also important to Tracy that Community include gay, lesbian, bi, pan, trans and queer people of all ages, genders and races.  “With so many dueling identities within our community, conflict is inevitable, but I want to tell stories that show our community rising above our internal divisions to face a common threat to us all, together.  Especially today.  And especially during World Pride.”


His main message in Community is that the LGBTQ community is and will always be a minority population subject to the whims, fads and desires of the majority.   “Which means that we only survive when we stand together,” he says.


Necessary Outlet is an LGBTQ production company founded and owned by Jack Tracy that produces several LGBTQ web series including History, a show that stars Tracy as a 30-something gay lawyer, now in its third season.  It also produces comedy series Big Law and Millennial Memoir as well as LGBTQ music videos including Jack Tracy’s Satisfaction, Older, Time Travel and Wherever You Are. Jack’s second album, For You, is due later this year.  The studio’s first feature film, Snowflake, had its world premiere at qFLIX Philadelphia and New York premiere at the Big Apple Film Festival earlier this year, and is still making its rounds in the festival circuit.   


Listen to the first episode of Community HERE.



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