Written and directed by Tristan Scott-Behrends, Only Trumpets is a compelling short film which was selected as "Best of Fest" after its premiere at the 2018 Outfest Film Festival. The film explores femme for femme love and explorations of sex and technology and recently made its online debut.


Cynical but hopelessly longing for love, Tristan (Xavier Jimenez March) , looks for fulfillment through dating apps and casual sexual encounters. An unexpected glance across the bar leads to a magical evening of connection and passion with an angelic equal played by rising star musician and artist Daniel Crook. When the morning comes, the two must part, leaving Tristan back where he started, but better, having loved and experienced genuine connection— if only for a moment.


Says Scott-Behrends of his directorial debut: "Engulfed in the hyper-masculinity presented by gay men, for gay men, across pop culture, films and pornography, it occurred to me that if we are going to shift the way we treat each other and ourselves in efforts to overcome internalized homophobia and misogyny, our creative culture must start offering imagery where feminine-presenting or gender non-conforming men are presented in situations where they are depicted as deserving of love and sexually desirable."


"In my experience, my sexual and romantic options in the world vary based on the degree of "femininity" or "flamboyance" I present.," Scott-Behrands continues. "In thinly veiled words, I have been told by multiple potential suitors that my sartorial choices make me unworthy of their affection. In the age of digital dating we are all susceptible to curating our romantic partners as one would decorate a house or plate a meal -- in order to fit the projection of our social media personalities. There's no room for nuance or fluidity; we are two-dimensional caricatures of ourselves and we seek the same in potential mates. This film is the manifestation of a commitment to myself to keep my heart open to the possibilities the world has to offer, and serves as a reminder that love does not have to be lasting to be genuine and affecting."



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